Repository summary

Repositories activity summary

Repositories by number of changed files and contributors count

Repository with the highest number of changed files 22397 is genie.

Repository with the highest amount of contributors 138 is security_monkey.

Timeline of activity in repositories

First activity was done on 2001-01-03 18:11:32 in eureka.

Last activity was done on 2020-02-12 02:14:13 in conductor.

Count of active repositories in time

The highest number of paralelly active repositories is 95. It was in 2015-12.

Repositories by life time

Repository with longest life time eureka is active for 230 months.

There was made more changes then usually in spectator-py, mantis-rxcontrol and mantis-api during last month.

Total Average Trend
spectator-py 65 6.500000 0.641941
mantis-rxcontrol 30 7.500000 0.635489
mantis-api 194 27.714286 0.059256